Thursday, June 07, 2012

Uncle Einar has Flown

Sigh, Ray Bradbury, the man who made me want to be a writer, is dead.

The Bernards Township Library in Basking Ridge NJ had a huge black hard-cover compilation of his stories, and I spent most of my nights as a kid reading them under a blanket with a flashlight. 

As much as I love Star Trek et al., to me, science fiction wasn't a Vulcan/ Android/ Klingon/ hologram/ Borg/ whatever learning what it means to be human, or alien races that were thinly disguised metaphors for today's political climate.  Science fiction was majestic sand ships gliding across the red deserts of Mars, piloted by wispy figures in crystal masks.  Science fiction was a girl locked in a closet on Venus by her cruel classmates on the one day of the year the sun shone.  Science fiction was Spender going native on Mars and killing his crew. It was a mother who convinced her son that his entire world was their mansion, running ahead of him through secret passages and changing disguises.  It was a boy who saw through a stained glass window that his grandmother's new boarder was really a monster.  It was a "fireman" who was sick to his stomach of burning books. It was a baby that murdered his parents for the crime of bringing it into the world.  It was a Rocket Man who crashed into the sun.  It was Mister Dark tearing away the years of a mans life through the pages of a book.  It was spoiled kids who used their holodeck nursery to kill their parents.  I could go on and on and on.

There was a Red Dwarf episode where Holly (the computer) erased his memory of all the books he had ever read, so he could enjoy them for the first time again. Right now, I wish I could do that.  Rest in peace, and thank you.



merlinprincesse said...

He was a WRITER!!! And a great one. I remember the first book I read in English was "The Martian Chronicles"... :) He had the power to make me think about his stories a long time after I had finished reading them.... My personal fave was "Farhenheit 451"... :)The movie was great too!!! And I always wondered if I had ONE book to learn by heart, what it would be... mmmm..... Think I will ask the question on FaceBook... :)

Anonymous said...

So true-- BRadbury(and Asimov) really set the bar for me, and nothing else really comes close. RIP.

Anonymous said...

So true-- BRadbury(and Asimov) really set the bar for me, and nothing else really comes close. RIP.

String said...

I agree with your blog about Bradbury, just revisited two of his books this last December and may do more soon...such a great 'voice'.