Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Name dropping

I watched another Tom Baker classic, "The Power of Kroll" tonight. Why am I so nostalgic for the Doctor Who I grew up with? Maybe it's more that I'm nostalgic for the ME I grew up with, and it's just a reminder.

I'm almost done with the story conversion for #8. It's different than the other stories, maybe that's bad, and maybe that's good. The science fiction element is one of those things that has to be figured out along the way, rather than bluntly stated. I'm pretty sure readers like to be treated as if they're intelligent - I certainly do. I tried to change the story, but it became another "kill or be killed" scenario. My mind thinks ahead, maybe too far ahead, disqualifying all the other options. Then I have to start again.

I still say I should be in advertising: "Axe Shock Body Wash: It's like scrubbing your naughty bits with toothpaste." Don Draper would be proud.



Abby said...

I might have to check out this Dr. Who. I know it has a cult following, but I'm clueless.

Tony LaRocca said...

It's a BBC Sci-fi show that ran from 1963-89, One TV movie in 95, then 2005-present. The thing is, the fans of each era sort of claim it as their own. Some (like me) grew up with Tom Baker's '70's episode, some favor the punk-looking 80's episodes, or the black and white 60's... the young whippersnappers insist that the old ones are boring and the new show is the best... we all get to be obnoxious hipsters!