Sunday, September 16, 2012

...why, am I falling apart?

Visiting my parents in NJ today with the kiddies. I was driving through Manhattan (cool to stop and watch the Mexican Day parade, especially the guys holding up dragons on sticks. I thought that was just a Chinese thing, shows what I know,) when I heard something dragging. I thought I had a flat, but it was just my poor-man's repair from last week falling apart. I was able to repair it with a bit of #10-wire. My car is barely held together by duct-tape, and I only maintain or repair it just before it self-destructs like the Bluesmobile. The sad thing is that's so reflective of everything else in my life.

I can't decide what the problem is, either that the price of gas is too high, or I just live too far from the friends and family I love. Probably a mixture of both. Time to learn to Jaunte.


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