Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Alphabetti Spaghetti?

A friend of my fathers is dying of cancer. He is in his seventies. He was once a tall, robust man. Now he can only lie in bed, not even able to talk. It terrifies me, and makes me so thankful I have my own health.

I was good to myself today, I walked about four miles. The leaves on the sidewalk cling to each other in brown clumps. Everything goes in cycles. I wrote some more, and repaired another picture for my friends. More Adventure Time, more playgrounds, more Red Dwarf. I'm at the part in Atlas Shrugged where the train full of politicians suffocates, and she details for about five pages why the damn liberal hippies deserved it. A brilliant woman, but with the subtlety of a piranha.

Goodnight my friends, be well.



Evelyn Howard said...

Hi Tony
You write really well. I enjoyed reading your post. Good health :), Evelyn

Tony LaRocca said...

Thank you, your artwork is fantastic :) take care

Abby said...

Sorry about your dad's friend. It is a terrifying thing to see how aging and/or disease can change a person.

I first read Atlas Shrugged in college and vowed to read it regularly. Haven't done it yet, though. Thanks for the reminder!

Tony LaRocca said...

Abby - it's one of those things that people seem very up in arms about at the moment. It amazes me that most of the people who despise it have never read it - but then, I feel the same way about Twilight.