Monday, October 08, 2012

I can't believe I'm wearing a coat. I had the A/C on yesterday, and today I'm wearing a coat. Looking at it, I really should have washed it first. There's some crud caked on the ends of the sleeves. I'm not in the habit of wiping my nose on my coat, but I don't feel like explaining that to everyone I meet. "Hello there, don't worry. Whatever is on my sleeves, it's definitely not snot." It might be a good conversation starter though.

I met some friends at a geek-themed bar in Brooklyn called The Way Station last night. Their drink menu is Doctor Who based, and their bathroom door is a TARDIS front. We annoyed patrons with full bladders by spending five minutes talking pictures in front of it. Dalek paraphernalia cover the walls, and a video projector showed "The Sound of Drums." I was in Nerdvana. I had a great time, it's just a shame it's not closer.

There's a way of upscaling films to the point where they look like video, because the frame rate is so high and there is no dithering. The quality is definitely cleaner, but it looks cheesier for some reason. If you have a player that can do this, try watching an old movie and you'll see what I mean. Peter Jackson has supposedly shot The Hobbit in this format (48fps), and is annoyed that people who have seen clips of it don't like it. I'm just wondering how he can stretch it out into two movies.


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