Monday, October 01, 2012

It's a Day

It's 5 PM, I'm sitting here watching Amanda play on the swings. All the kids at this playground are younger than her, but the company still makes her happy. Because of her learning disabilities, it's hard for her to understand the same things as other kids her age.

I've just about finished story number eight. I have to admit, I haven't taken any real joy in it. There's nothing wrong with the story,  it just doesn't feel like a joyful day. I played Submachine 8. It was very creative as always, but they always feel just like parts of the game, there's no real satisfying payoff story-wise at the end.

Cherish the people who bring joy into your life, make sure they know how good they are, make sure they never forget they matter. Old memories are beautiful, but I need to build some new ones.


P.S. - If I put a cherry bomb in a bowl of Chinese dumpling soup, would it be considered an act of wonton destruction?

P.P.S. - How about a communal wine distilled from rice? I could call it "For Christ's Sake."


chelle hanna said...

what a beautiful thing to remember. unexpected mental hug. :)

Tony LaRocca said...

Unexpected mental hug back at you :)