Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lourdes Almighty

Hello my friends. I'm at my parents house, in one of my old rooms (age 6-10,) lying under the watchful eyes of Jesus. My mother blessed me with holy water like she would do when I was a child. Her faith and love is more touching than I can say.

Mandy is going to have her tonsils out soon - but not soon enough. Every jerking snort of her sleep apnea terrifies me. I have a prescription for a sleep study myself. I've left a message as instructed, but no one's called me back. Why do I have to always be such a squeaky wheel to get anything done? I'm tired.

I'm in the middle of Sometimes a Great Notion but I have a strong urge to read Atlas Shrugged again. My father mentioned the movie out of the blue tonight. He's never mentioned it before, so I assume he heard it on TV. I don't think he's ever read it. I'm still amazed at all the venom spewed at objectivism this year. I wonder if it came from both sides to discredit Ron Paul. Either way, I need my batteries recharged.

I'm letting the ideas for story number nine cook in my subconscious a little bit. I have wonderful ways of filling my mind with useless fears and anxieties. Sometimes I'm proud of the fact that I function. That's why I've always admired good people with great inner strength. Sometimes people are stronger than they give themselves credit for.

Take care of yourselves.



Lovely Elika said...

so true. we should all be happy with what we have. hope everything is going well for u and ur family

Tony LaRocca said...

Thank you for your kindness :)