Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stranded at the drive in, branded a fool...

The world is calm, now that Sandy's over, at least out here. We were pretty lucky, there are some uprooted trees by our building, but none came through any windows, a few cars smushed on the road, but not mine. I don't know, maybe that would have been a fitting death for it, like a tasteful burial at sea.

The kids are home until at least tomorrow, and while I love them to death, going back to school would be good for them. It helps them build character, or something. We've been holding Red Dwarf marathons. I go for walks, avoiding downed trees and power lines. I volunteered to help with the local cleanup effort but they didn't need me. So I wrote a bit more of story nine. I like to support indie games, so I bought Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes off steam. They get a B for effort. I loved the sick and twisted humor (you play a sweet little girl who is, in fact, a serial killer tormented by demonic stuffed bunnies) but the game was very unpolished. It was as if playing a game made for my Android on my laptop. It also suffered from that great bane of adventure games: when you KNOW in real life there would be a very common-sense solution to your problem, but the game won't let you do it. 

I can't help worrying about my friends who are going through so much shit because of Sandy, especially when their own plates of worries were overflowing already. I'm saying my agnostic prayers for you always.

Goodnight, Red Dwarf and Civ V await! 


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