Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two, four, six, eight...

Another day of the routine of trying to come to terms with myself comes to a close. This is the point where I make a joke, to pretend that I'm not feeling depressed or isolated. Here's one I said on twitter

If you transubstantiate avocados, do you get holy guacamole?

I'm becoming disillusioned with twitter. It seems very few people are actually there to read anyone else's tweets or even to say something meaningful, we're all there to promote our book or blog. 75% of the people who follow me just do so because they want a follow in return, or are some sort of bot with the face of a scantily clad bimbo. (Because everyone knows we males are shallow, sex-crazed neanderthals who will just be overjoyed that a pretty face likes us even if it's meaningless - right?) But I shouldn't bitch, because I'm guilty of the same exact thing. Twitterwise, I mean. For the other 25%, thank you.

A few of my facebook friends thought it was funny.

Don't be ashamed of your feelings, don't swallow them all the time. If you do, they eat you away from the inside. People are worth more than that. We all matter.



chelle hanna said...

yes, we do.

Tony LaRocca said...


B2 said...

Every so often I take a break from Facebook (I'm not on Twitter..yet) and my blog and the computer as a whole. I find that sometimes the separation from the actual human being to be a bit depressing. Then, after a few days (or weeks) I'm back on again. It's funny how a place where everyone is, can make us feel a little isolated. But you're right, we do all matter.