Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just One More Straw

What is wrong with people? I came across this article about a man who committed suicide after the recent election, scrawling "Fuck Obama" across his will. Most of the comments on this page and on similar pages reporting this story are obsessed with the political connotations. The kindest ones say they feel sorry for his family, but what do you expect when people fall for the hysteria of the GOP? 

Jesus Christ people, no one commits suicide because of an election, the same way kids don't kill each other because of video games, and people don't scream at retail workers because a book is not on sale. They do it because they're hurting so much they can't figure out how to stop hurting. It's a horrible thing that devastates those left behind. Many times the surviving family members can't even discuss it because their own pain is too great. 

Depression is a very real thing. Some people deal with it every day. They manage to stay strong for everyone else on the outside while on the inside they're being torn apart. Such people deserve love, compassion, help, support, and admiration for their strength. And those who couldn't bear it any longer deserve understanding and respect, not obsession over thier political slant.

"Be excellent to each other."



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Steph said...

Crazy sad. And, people are sometimes worse than anything else on the planet.

I like "be excellent to each other"!