Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Good morning my friends. I'm on the bus right now, blasting Dethklok in my earbuds. I'm thrilled to be working again, not that thrilled to be working twelve hour shifts in a filthy flood-damaged hospital without any heat. (The fact that the clean up crew wears environmental protection suits including respirators is also less than encouraging.) But I know there are so many people who are enduring no power or heat 24/7 right now, so what right do I have to kvetch? And now there's a North Easterner on it's way... oy.

It's frightening how much affect sleep can have on depression. There are times I've gone to bed feeling like my heart was trying to turn itself inside out, and I woke in the morning feeling bright and peppy. Being responsible for my own feelings is such a bitch - I can be very irresponsible at times.

Hey look, the good cop won!


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