Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Thursday...

I went to the East Village last night to hear an old high school friend (Jen Starr-Talsmat) perform some old jazz standards. I haven't heard her sing since she and my sister Elena were in Harmony Trix in the nineties. It makes me feel good to see my friends living their dreams.

Advertisements fail to mention that while 4G is as fast as wi-fi, it also sucks your battery quicker than a vampire who's cheating on a diet at 5:59 in the morning.

Waiting at the front end of the subway platform with the majority of the other riders so we can all cram into the front of the E. This is so we can all be next to the giant escalator at 53/Lex to change to the 6. A woman bobbing her head to music blasting in her headphones just ripped one out. She looked around for a second before resuming her bobbing. Sorry lady, but just because your headphones drowned out the sound of your gas for you, it doesn't mean they did for the rest of us.

Oy, I finished the Doctor Who audio "Dark Eyes" last night and forgot to download a new one. I always felt bad for Paul McGann, since he only got to be Doctor for one television episode. Still, he does a phenomenal job on audio.

Sigh, I need to figure out how to find intrinsic joy in this job again.


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