Wednesday, November 07, 2012

We'll eat a lot of broccoli and drink a lot of beer.

I'm completely pooped. When I got out of the subway at 8:30 tonight, there was a line for the bus going around the block. I walked two miles in the storm on sidewalks that weren't shoveled. I passed three buses that were broken down on the way. A livery cab pulled over and charged me $10 for the third mile. I know he gouged me, but it was worth it.

I can't beleve that in a few hours, I'll be forty. Actually, in ten hours, I was born at 8:20, more or less. I think that's what it was... When I was young, there was a plaqe on my wall with my date of birth and time - it had a porceline baby in blue pajamas (with a cute bare butt sticking out of the rear-flap, of course.)
Some parts of my life have been sad, but there was a lot of happiness in it that I'm thankful for always. I'm halfway up to my father's age, and I have children of my own. There's so much unexpected joy I never would have imagined would happen. Life is a beautiful thing. I've been lucky to have family and friends that I could believe in and look up to. Thank you for being in my life. You are good.

Here's to the next 400.



Steph said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy the day that's all about you. I'm sure those in your life are very thankful to have you here, and I hope they take the time to express it!

I really enjoy reading the snippets of your life and thoughts on this blog. More of us should write like this, and pay attention. I am curious about what creative writing you do...maybe I should look back to older posts to figure that out. However, just reading that you spend time writing has been inspiring. I am a graphic designer by trade, illustrator by passion (and hopefully someday trade), and dabble in writing here and there - though it's still more aspiration than application.

Just felt the need to explain a bit about myself in this blog world, as I was starting to feel like a lurker. Hope you have a nice birthday. Cheers!

chelle hanna said...

Happy Birth Day! Hope it is filled with strong hugs and sweet words.

Tony LaRocca said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH Steph, I really needed that today! I think of what Vonnegut said about writing being a means of helping people feel like they're not alone, but it's not easy. Sometimes this just feels like I'm being silently judged and damned through a one way magnifying mirror. You made my day!

I've been working on a short story collection and a novel (actually I have several unfinished novels but one is near completion.) Sometimes I can be lazy or immobilized by anxiety others, especially now that I'm working twelve hours a day, I'm just too exhausted with work.

PS I enjoy reading all of your blogs and artwork too, please keep posting. :)

Tony LaRocca said...

Thank you chelle! :) It was mainly filled with wires, ice, transformers, switch gears and sludge, but there was a lot of kind words and love from friends and family that made it special. Thanks for visiting, and for sharing your awesome artwork and self too. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tony! You bring the world joy with your wonderful writing and illustrations. Thank you for inspiring me to work on my own creative pursuits. Your family and friends are truly blessed to have you in their lives. I wish you another 400 years of this crazy journey called life. Peace and love :)

Steph said...

Woohoo! Well now you made MY day. :)

I am really inspired to try to focus my writing more. I have way too many blogs. I don't know what to out where anymore, and I think it's because I have tried to categorize everything. I hope to do some cleanup this weekend and really try to get back to better blogging.