Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Fame and Knees

Reading articles about Ke$ha, J-Lo and Li-Lo, I've decided to change my name to To-La. All members of the media can feel free to use it.

I've been having all kinds of knee trouble lately, so I bought arthritis medicine hoping it would help me get through the day. I applied it while watching last nights Adventure Time with the younglings (which was a little on the dark side, one of the reasons I love that show.) Within a few minutes, my leg started burning like an Oedipus. I also made the mistake of wiping my nose, which had the same lovely effect on my nostrils. (Note to self, scrub hands thoroughly before going to the bathroom.) I was able to sleep without feeling like someone was twisting my leg, it just felt like someone was roasting it instead. I've taken some painkillers, so I'm goifng to have to make sure I drink lots of coffee to balance them out. It's called living healthy.

A month after the hurricane, the R train is FINALLY going all the way downtown! I no longer have to stand on the E and then change trains twice, and I don't have to walk all the way to the Freedom Tower to catch the E coming back. Every little bit helps.

Except for occasional flashes of happiness, my days seem to blur into each other. I have to go imprint some diverse memories. When you feel trapped in molasses, the only solution is to eat your way out.


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