Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My cousin Dean told me when I was a kid to never wear my coat indoors, because my body will adjust to the temperature. So every time I get on a warm bus in winter, I strip naked. Not only does it keep me from getting cold when I get off, it ensures no one will sit next to me.

The new Doctor Who Christmas episode is on tonight. I thought I'd be happy that Doctor Who is mainstream, but more than anything, I'm annoyed at the whippersnappers all over the internet. Have some respect for us old timers who loved Doctor Who when we were mocked for it. Doctor Who isn't love triangles and soap operas in space, it's tin foil monsters, rubber masks, and granite quarries. It's 100 minute epics shot on a shoestring budget. Lousy kids.

I took the train to see my sister today. My nephew is seriously addicted to Minecraft. He almost makes me feel ashamed I haven't played in so long. I had a cool world, with a TARDIS, (built on the side of a mountain to give the illusion of being dimensionally transcendental) Stephen King's Dark Tower, complete with a field of roses and a door with red eyes, a control room for my brain, with a portal to hell for my id, a floating glass platform for my superego with motivational quotes on plaques... It's all good therapy.

Merry Christmas to all.


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