Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Now that the R is running, I have to wait for it. But it's worth it for a seat all the way downtown.

Quote of the day - my daughter seeing The Wrath of Kahn for the first time: "Ewww, I can see his BOOBS!" Yes, Ricardo Montelban had the manliest pectoral muscles in the galaxy. Perhaps that was his fantasy?

Uggh... Wizard needs coffee, badly! And I just realized that instead of my breakfast and lunch bag, I grabbed a bag with two overripe avocados. Sigh. My brain is on auto pilot lately.

The Whitehall station is moldy and reeks. I suppose I should be happy that it's in service at all.

I like to watch fellow subway riders, hopefully in a non-stalker-ish way:

The man sat with ambivalence, simultaneously so rigid it seemed he was supporting the side of the train while his bearing sagged so heavily it looked as if it were pulling his entire body to the floor. His lanky arms hugged his chest over a threadbare button-down v-neck sweater. His face was a mask of either tragedy or constipation. Every few seconds his eyes would loll from side to side daring anyone to guess the secrets of his suffering.

I hope everyone has a happy day. Peace.


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Amber said...

Great description of your fellow subway rider. I like people watching too, in a non stalkerish way. :)