Thursday, January 17, 2013


So I got an abscessed wisdom tooth extracted yesterday, and by extracted, I mean the dentist twisting and yanking with pliers while I hear scraping and cracking for about ten minutes until this giant futhermucking thing came out of my jaw. At least I was Novocained up first... that's another thing I love, when they jam that needle deep into your cheek and press that plunger and you feel half of your face going numb. Mandy is quite upset that I won't be able to make fart noises for a few days. Well, not with my mouth anyway. 

So now I'm making myself shakes. Peanut-butter shake this morning, avocado shake this afternoon... I'm thinking of making my own sort of cream of chicken soup shake, using protein powder, almond milk, and chicken bouillon. No? 

On the bright side, today was my last day of physical therapy for my knee. The therapist said she was disappointed she wasn't able to hurt me anymore. I told her a guy with pliers outdid her. Everyone needs a hobby.


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