Friday, February 01, 2013


Good morning my friends

My life is so goddamn exhausting lately. The past few days have been cold but bearable. The temperature has descended back to bitter. I wonder exactly who it's bitter at?

There's not much exciting going on. I'm twenty feet up on a scissor lift all day. When I lay down at night it still feels like the world is gently swaying from side to side, like after spending the day on a ship.

Random thoughts:

I don't know why he's in the headlines, but is it possible to hear Dan Marino's name without thinking some little old lady wants him to die of gonorrhoea and rot in hell?

I watched some Venture Bros. on free demand last night. When are they going to make a fifth season?

Can you plan a city's traffic flow by using ohms law, assigning vehicles as current, speed as voltage, and traffic lights as resistance?

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. Wishing you happiness.


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