Friday, April 26, 2013

Odds Bodkins!

Odds bodkins, False Idols and Other Short Stories is in the top 20 for April's Indie eBook Cover Awards! Thank you, oh amazing Elena Nazzaro, for all your professional advice.



Steph said...

That was the link-iest sentence I think I've ever seen! ;)

Elika B said...

wow congrats! this must be very exciting for u :)
I can't wait to read it Tony!

Hope ur having a wonderful weekend

Tony LaRocca said...

Steph - It's linkilicious, and fortified with 27 different varieties of linky goodness! Chock full of urls! ;)

Elika - Thank you! I am having a great weekend, actually, it's my father's 81st birthday. Hope you're well too!