Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Envelope, Please!

I'm honored to announce that False Idols and Other Short Stories is the winner of the April cover award at I have to admit I was surprised, because all of the covers look so professionally made. The judge was Scarlett Rugers of Scarlett Rugers Design, who kindly said:

"When I first saw this cover I thought 'EPIC'. My expectations are immediately transformed when I see a space man facing off an unknown, and I must know more. The faded hieroglyphic background doesn’t detract from the image, and the title and name is clear. Fantastic cover. The concept supports the title by giving the reader a jar in what a ‘false idol’ means. We initially believe a God of Earth but are soon set straight when we realize we’re not even on Earth."

This calls for a celebration, bring on the mei fun and General Tso's chicken! 



Ted Blackman said...

I think that cover look great. I'd want to know what's inside.

Tony LaRocca said...

Thank's Ted! :)