Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Woke up late, went to work without breakfast. I'll have to eat something during coffee break. I edited some last night, not as much as I wanted to. Everything seems to annoy me lately, and every day just bleeds into the next. This is my life, working in shitty neighborhoods. Maybe some more punks will harass me again during lunch today. Why don't they wear something festive at least, like flamenco outfits? Had fun in the park watching drug deals (or maybe the gentleman was just selling bootleg DVDs,) Some minuscule part of me must be pissed off that I feel so apathetic, but I just don't care anymore. Except for the game I'm working on with Joe, I want to see how that comes out.


chelle hanna said...

Just wanted to say how much my kids and I enjoyed reading your foray into the kind of freaked me out a few times, and I had to have the dog sleep next to me. Wasn't sure what I would fight off in my dreams.

Tony LaRocca said...

Thank you so much chelle, you made my week! :D