Sunday, August 18, 2013

Annoying Self Publishing Nonsense

Suzanne Casamento has been a friend of mine since childhood. Recently she wrote and published her first YA novel, Fingerprints. It's an amazing book. I found myself drawn into her characters, and couldn't put it down until I had finished it. If you check out her reviews, you'll see that at the time of this writing, fifteen other people agree. However, one person does not. Now, before you think I'm just whining, and tell me all books have bad reviews, she should have a thick skin, some people just aren't going to like it, etc., check out what the review actually says:

That's right, folks, this reviewer has not read this book. She is giving the book one star, because she has personally determined that all of Miss Casamento's glowing reviews - including my own - must be bogus. Read it again. This is the bullshit self-published authors have to contend with now. 

When other reviewers came to Miss Casamento's defense, the reviewer responded with the following:

Let's make this clear: She admits that she HAS NOT READ THE BOOK. She even goes so far as to challenge Miss Casamento to give her a free copy to prove her wrong. She makes even more completely unfounded snide insults, and reiterates that it is her sacred duty to warn others that this book is a "bad purchase" - once again, a book she has never read.

In self-publishing, reviews and ratings are everything, and can launch or tank a new writer's career. If a book deserves a bad review, then by all means, give it one. (Hey, if it deserves a good one, give it one too.) But to try to hurt the rise of a new book and warn readers away for absolutely no reason... I just don't understand. Obviously, there is some agenda here. What it could possibly be, I have no idea.



Suzanne Casamento said...

Thanks for coming to my defense, Tony. You rock!

What's upsetting about the whole thing is that it's just MEAN. I don't care what she thinks. But I do care that potential book buyers might read her stupid post and believe it. And what if they don't buy the book because of it?

Then Reba K. is messing with my livelihood. And that screwed up!

43 said...
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Tony LaRocca said...

You & your book rock Suzanne, I wouldn't have said that about it if I didn't mean it. Besides, we're all in this together, right? Someday when we're both rich and famous we'll look back & have a good laugh about it.

Tony LaRocca said...

Thanks for commenting. Yeah, if I were to write a fake review, I would make it interesting, like, "This book makes me want to have the author's baby, shave my head, and join a cult in his/her name." ;)

Katie Cross said...

Yikes! I wonder who peed in her Cheerios. Why do people target one person and then take all their frustration out on them? To actually post that, without having read the book, is beyond ignorance.

Tony LaRocca said...

Thank you Katie - "Who peed in her Cheerios" is definitely going into my catch-phrase bank!

Damian said...

I will be publishing soon and this is one aspect I'm not looking forward to.Here is my take on amazon reviews

Holley said...

This is cool!