Thursday, September 26, 2013

S&M for Souls

Every morning, I get up, and it’s the same thing. I eat the same breakfast, I go through the same exercise routine, I write or edit, I play on the xbox, I eat the same lunch, I just do the same thing over and over. If there was a Satan, I’d consider selling my soul to him just to spice things up. Not sure how much my soul is worth these days. What could he do to it? Go ahead and throw me in the Lake of Fire, I won’t have any nerve endings. It’ll probably be cool, like surfing in lava. Or then I’d be a “Tortured Soul.” What the fuck is that, anyway? I should make a TV show about an artist who can’t sell his paintings, but they don’t sell because his life isn’t “tortured” enough. So he goes out and commits crimes to make himself a worse person - for his art’s sake. Hey, nice guys finish last. 



chelle hanna said...

That use to be my theory with a substantial winning lottery ticket and trailer parks. It didn't work out well for me, but hey. Art is ART.

Tony LaRocca said...

You went on a crime spree for your art that involved trailer parks and lottery tickets? ;)