Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jamaica Sewage Plant Blues

Every morning, I walk a mile to my first bus. Its sixteen degrees out and it's dark, but it's OK, because I bundled up and I walk pretty fast. Lately I've been working outside. The problem is that I'm not walking around, so I feel the cold cutting through all my layers and deep into my bones. I'm hating the cold, but I'm afraid I'll hate the summer even more, when it's burning hot, and the stench of bubbling excrement is unbearable. Even worse will be the hoards of insects that will come to feed. Sigh. I've been looking for a home in this industry for years, I just never wanted it to be in a sewage plant.

We watched Race for Your Life Charlie Brown last night. Both Mandy and Joe were unimpressed, even though Mandy had been excited at the prospect of watching a "Snoopy Movie." It was cute for nostalgia's sake. I remember my first time sleeping in a water bed, and since it wasn't like bouncing around on a giant water balloon, I felt gyped.

I need to lose weight.


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