Tuesday, February 04, 2014

It's all Al Gore's Fault

Holy shit on a shit cracker, I can't believe it was fifty degrees two days ago. I slipped and slid on the sidewalk, so I had to walk in the street again. I love when I leave early to be sure to catch my bus, and it doesn't show up. Then the next bus is overpacked, with entitled princesses sitting in the aisle seats with empty window seats next to them that you have to ask politely to either move over or get the fuck up and let you pass.

It's supposed to snow again, maybe tomorrow, maybe this weekend. No point in getting the car fixed yet. I was too exhausted to work on chapter seven last night. Tv time with the kids is still quality time, especially when there's popcorn involved.

My father took the train into New York every day for us. He got up at five AM and came home at seven PM. Every single workday. I don't remember him ever being sick. Of course, I never really appreciated it the way I should have.


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String said...

We have the same thing on the trains here...people putting their bags on the empty seats by the aisle so there is no where to sit unless you disturb them. Pretty funny really the way humans make 'space'. It has been an exhausting winter for many due to weather!