Monday, February 03, 2014

Monday Monday

My first bus was late. Actually, I left extra early, so I could catch an even earlier bus, but that never arrived either. I'm sitting on the second bus, waiting for it to leave.

I had uneventful weekend. I tried to start the car, but it's no use, the filter and hoses are full of gel and will have to be replaced again. I hate pouring money into that old piece of shit but I can't afford a new one just yet.

I edited and coded most of chapter seven over the weekend, but I wasted far too much time playing Pixel Dungeon and catching up with Rick and Morty. It was fun watching the Superbowl with the kids.

I feel apprehensive and anxious about work today, but I really don't know why. I have a very simple task to finish. I feel like I'm afraid of being blamed for other peoples mistakes. Believe me, I make enough of my own.


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