Tuesday, February 11, 2014


This morning's epiphany: Trying to deduce what happened before The Big Bang is like burning a piece of paper, and trying to deduce what was written on it.

I finally scoured Chapter 7 to a publishable standard over the weekend. On to Chapter 8, which may be divided into two. Damn you work, for getting in the way of my life.

I used to become riled up over political issues, but I'm just too tired these days. Maybe it's a sense of fatality? Actually, I don't feel riled up over anything lately. I just feel eroded.

OK, here's something I can vent about: my car has been inoperable for weeks, and I use public transportation. This involves a mile walk and two buses every morning, and three buses on the way home. Some guys are nice and offer me rides part--if not all--the way. What gets me is when people who I don't even ask for rides get on my case about it. I don't understand why people become obsessed with other people's business. I stay late with everyone else when they make me, I'm not getting anything out of the extra hour using public transportation puts on my commute each way. So what the hell do other people care for?


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