Thursday, March 20, 2014

Little Green Monsters

I've come to realize that jealousy is one of the prime movers of the universe. We're all jealous. I'm guilty of it, I admit. When I'm out of work, I'm jealous of those connected bastards who haven't been unemployed in years. When I'm making overtime at a shit plant in the backwaters of the outer boroughs, running pipe through a tunnel that smells like dirty diapers boiling in Cheez Whiz, I'm cursing the houses of those connected bastards who work on nice clean office renovations in Midtown. Then I find out that since I've been indoors the past week playing with control wires, the guys I thought were my friends have been sticking pins into chubby voodoo dolls with glasses. We all think everyone has it easier than we do, that their suffering can't compare to our suffering, so the bastards deserve whatever shit we give them. It's just human nature. Anyhoo, I have to go and walk a mile to catch the bus, while the lucky cocksuckers with working cars and nice clean jobs drive on by.

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