Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Good hunting, Alpha I!

I hooked up my new PC to the flat-screen television. Unfortunately, it came with Windows 8. Everyone wants to pretend their desktop is just a giant smartphone, right? Ridiculous operating system or not, retro-gaming on a wide-screen TV from your couch is just fun.

Quake I - the best FPS ever made (with the Darkplaces engine.)

Tie Fighter. Why oh why isn't there an updated version of this game? I would seriously throw money at you, Lucas!

Watching YouTube is fun too, you don't get the blocks with browser viewing the way you do through the Xbox or Wii. I had fun torturing the kids with 80's videos. According to my ten-year-old daughter::

"Land of Confusion": too weird.
"Take on Me": too romantic.
"Holy Diver": too scary.
"Just a Gigolo": too many girls without pants.

In other news, a security guard was shot Saturday night at the bowling alley right around the corner from my home. This is where I take my kids, where I've had birthday parties for them, for Christ's sake. It horrifies me that this can happen on my block. I feel like screaming the "in my bedroom" rant. from Godfather II. Seriously, what kind of piece of shit does that?


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