Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I'm sorry I got muck everywhere,
Now it's stuck in everyone's hair.
They were once such pretty colors:
Cerulean, scarlet, and jade,
But they all got mixed together,
Now they look like something a dog made.
I tried so hard to make it good enough,
But the details were never just right.
So I tried again, and again,
But the paint underneath was still wet,
And now it's just a horrible fright.
I'm sorry, I really wanted to paint you something beautiful,
But inside, I'm just not the artist I wanted to be.
Maybe the Guggenheim will buy it for a million bucks.

-Tony LaRocca, 2014


chelle hanna said...

sounds like the insides are right, just not the outcome! I think we forget how many paintings it takes to create the one we meant to paint the first time…

Tony LaRocca said...

Thanks so much Chelle =)