Thursday, October 16, 2014

Interview and a Reading

I'm going to be a guest on The Speculative Fiction Cantina, on Writestream, at  BlogTalkRadio, next Friday, October 24, at 6pm Eastern. Just tune in then at the link below:

As part of the show, I'll be reading an excerpt from one of my short stories. So the question is, which one? I'm leaning towards "Ad Aware" because it's the shortest-they only want a 5-8 minute passage. So please, tell me, which would you like to hear? I'll tally up the votes on Monday morning, so I can start practicing.

See you next Friday!
(Well, I won't actually be able to see you, unless you decide to send me a selfie or something-but you know what I mean.)



Suzanne Casamento said...

Ooo! Tough choice! Ad Aware is a great story, creepier because it almost feels like we're not so far off from it happening to us.

I also like Heaven 2.0. But it's longer, so you'd have to pull a really gripping excerpt so the audience will be dying to read more!

Can't wait to listen!

Tony LaRocca said...

Thanks, Suzanne! Ad Aware has the most votes so far, Heaven 2.0, False Idols, and Soul Mates seem to be tied for second. :D