Sunday, December 28, 2014

Free ebook giveaway is coming soon...

Although I have ranted against the practice in the past, I have decided to have a free giveaway of the Kindle version of False Idols and Other Short Stories for a week upon publication of my next book, for promotion's sake. Amazon also has a new feature, which allows people who have bought the print version from them to have a free ebook copy. (If you've bought it somewhere else, let me know, and I'll hook you up.)

The only problem is, to do this easily, I'll have to join the Kindle Direct Publishing Select program, which gives Kindle exclusive rights to sell my book. This is a little annoying, that means I have to (perhaps temporarily) pull it out of the Smashwords markets, the most notable being Apple and Nook. This isn't really an issue for me. I've sold hundreds of ebooks on Amazon, and about three on Nook. I've sold one on Apple, but having an exclusive Apple ebook store makes no sense, as i-products have a free Kindle app anyway. Thank you very much to all who have purchased it, especially those who have written reviews.

I hope everyone has had a happy 2014 and a Merry Christmas. Stay tuned!


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