Tuesday, February 24, 2015


"The most exciting book I ever read!" -Tony LaRocca Sr.

I'm starting to bitterly hate the winter, cold, Mr. Cold Miser, Elsa, Al Gore, whoever is to blame for all this. I'll have to take the diesel Jetta into work on Thursday, and I fear The Deadly Fuel Gelling. One more thing to worry about.

In the original The Love Bug, some old Chinese guy says, "Hurry is waste. Waste is a cracked bowl which never know Rice." Sometimes, a little voice in my head repeats that, but changes hurry to worry. There is also often a Yoda in my head, who jabs me with a stick, and yells "Never his mind on where he was- hmm? What he was doing!" I suppose as far as voices go, those are harmless.

Anyway, I suppose I'd better put some pants on. Bye for now, keep your teeth clean.


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