Saturday, August 26, 2017

Time keeps slipping...

Wow, where has the time gone? The final proofread of my final draft is 50% complete. My day job, out in Far Rockaway, has just been too draining to focus on the real work.

I know I'm always apologizing for the lack of posts in recent years, but I feel like there's nothing left to talk about, at least nothing that really needs talking about. How often can I bitch about work, or talk about what movies I've seen or games I've played? I've given up on making any kind of social or political commentary - I just don't have the energy to deal with it anymore.

Maybe that's my thing to bitch about? Nah. Nihilism only goes so far, unless you're really, really creative about it, ala Rick and Morty.

I'm actually shaving with an electric razor while I write this. I'm not sure why, perhaps its compulsion? There seems to be two defining factors in my life - body fat and facial hair. The rest was just circumstance.

Sigh... I'll just make one social commentary. I can't help myself.

Folks, we're living in the most peaceful era in human history. Hate groups (ALL hate groups) only make up a teeny, tiny percentage of the population. Stop letting the media act like the sky is falling, just so they can drive us apart to sell more ad space. So unless these pieces of  shit physically harm others or try to change the law, ignore them. Stop giving them attention. Stop giving a free pass to some while damning others, because you're only going to make the ones you selectively damn feel justified in their evil bullshit. If you hate hate, then don't give it a voice, and don't justify it in any form.

Here endeth the commentary.