Saturday, December 02, 2017

Continuing the Titanic Debate...

I'm pretty sure that I've brought up this thought experiment at some point over the years, but let us assume for the sake of discussion that there is an afterlife.

Let us also assume that we live in a multiverse of infinite possibilities, and each decision forks a different timeline.

What happens to these infinite selves when we die? Are their souls spread out amongst the living, until the most living version of our self dies? Do these conglomerate souls accumulate in the afterlife, and we join them when we die until we are whole? Or does each one get a separate afterlife in an infinity of choices?

If the last is true, then are the infinite afterlives as septate as in "real" life, or can they all be explored, observed, and experienced?

What if Rose actually did commit suicide, and everything after that point was a hypothermic hallucination until her death?

Even better: What if Jack really pushed her in at that point, got a sex change, stole her identity, and the rest of the stupid movie was all a psychotic fantasy that he was telling to his (adopted) granddaughter?



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