Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Analyze This, and Some of That

I had a few weird dreams last night, but this one was the most vivid:

I went to my parents' house. They asked me to fix the electricity in the toilet in their closet. This request seemed strange to me for obvious reasons. Sure enough, there was a toilet in their closet, with a high-voltage BX cable running through the water. I opened the connecting box and disconnected the wires.

Then Alec Balwdwin rushed into their bedroom. He was dressed as a 1930s mobster, complete with a wide-striped zoot suit. Two similarly dressed gunmen followed, brandishing tommy guns with round-drum magazines. He demanded that I only use HIS brand of wire nuts, and handed me two of them. They were purple. He grabbed the two red Scotchloks out of my hand, and threw them out of the window.

Feel free to analyze.


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