Wednesday, April 11, 2018

To Dream The Impossible Dream...

I finally finished reading Don Quixote. I'm usually a purist when it comes to adaptations, but I have to admit that I prefer The Man of LaMancha ending (not the book-ending story of Cervantes and the Spanish Inquisition, but the end of Don Q's life). He should have died being mad, glorious Don Quixote, not as the beaten and depressed - but "sane" - Alonso Quixano.

The interesting thing is that as a kid, I was always told that sci-fi, horror, and fantasy books were "trash," etc. It's amusing to read that 400 years ago, everyone said the exact same thing about books of knights and chivalry.

I recently visited my parents. After watching a bit on Laugh-In that I remembered word for word, I wound up singing a Henry Gibson song about a mule that I probably haven't thought of in 35 years for my sainted mother. It's amazing what completely useless songs lie buried in the silt beneath the oceans of my memory.

In other news, my father has an old, plastic deck of pinochle cards. They came with a book extolling the virtues of this amazing, new, futuristic product -plastics! What will future archeologists think?


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