Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tony's Mister Mom Constructive Criticism for School Plays

Tony's Mister Mom Constructive Criticism for School Plays:

1. If you give the kids wireless mics, DO NOT put giant speakers at the foot of the stage so that every other minute, everyone is drowned out by feedback.

2. Turn the damn period / lunch bells off.

3. Parents - we're all video recording our kids on our phones. That's cool. You know what's NOT cool? Reviewing your kid's scene at full volume while the other kids onstage are still acting.

4. I don't care if you're super PTA mom and you got there first. Reserving the entire front row for your friends and family is just rude.

5. Just enjoy the kids' energy and happiness.

PS (for the next day's spring concert): Lady, I don't know what about you offends me the most: The fact that you sat in the front row and texted throughout the show until your kid was on, the fact that you left the moment your kid's class was done, or the fact that you video-recorded your kid in portrait mode.


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