Monday, October 15, 2018

Dream 753

Last night, I dreamt that I was washing dishes, while everyone else was in the living room watching Annie. For some reason, our apartment had become my grandparents' old house in Brooklyn.

So there I am, scrubbing a cup while cherubic 80s show-tunes are coming from down the hall, and I can't seem to get ramen out of the bottom, no matter how hard I try. In fact, the corners of the sink are filthy, full of hair, and caked with dried Oodles of Noodles. Of course, I do what any parent would do - I shout for the kids to get in there, so I can blame one of them.

By this time, the kitchen - which has become completely filthy - has sunk down about five feet, and has stairs leading down. Joe comes, taking them in stride, but before I can rant about the ramen, he asks, "Hey, is that a mouse?"

And yes, there's a big, fat, gray mouse running around the kitchen. Great, I think, how am I going to get it out of here? I look around for a box, when I realize that it's not a gray mouse, it's a black kitten.

I pick it up, and it snuggles against me. Cute, I think, but I really don't want a cat. I show it to Jen, and she points out that it has a collar. I ask her to read its tag, so we can get it back to its owner.

We go out the front door, and wind up in an ornate, gold hotel lobby. The kitten has now become a puppy. "Wait," I think, "I must be dreaming, here. This was definitely a kitten a second ago." The concierge approaches, and it's (circa Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey) Pam Grier.

Cool, I say to myself, I'm definitely dreaming. Time to go lucid, and have some fun. I'll just give this dog to -

And then, of course, the alarm woke me up.

Feel free to analyze.


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