Sunday, November 18, 2018

Poor little shoes with no one inside them

Took this picture while waiting for the F at Broadway - Lafayette Street during the slush-storm. Maybe they were ugly, or soaked, or just didn't fit. Maybe they were evil shoes, patiently waiting for some unsuspecting soul to put them on, Then the wearer would find they could never take them off - not in the shower, or in bed, or in the swimming pool - never. Their toenails would grow painfully longer and longer, causing unbearable pain, until finally the person had no choice but to cut their own feet off. Then the shoes would make their way back to the Lafayette Street station, where they would hungrily wait for the next victim.

Alternatively, maybe a very pious nudist who only wore them to protect the soles of her feet got raptured, leaving her footwear behind?

Maybe a demonic train ate the wearer, and spat them out?

We'll never know.


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