Friday, July 26, 2019

How I love this city!

R-Train Preacher's Rant (transcribed with text to speech on my Android with punctuation edited by me):
"Satan walks hand in hand with the MTA and Donald Trump! See this window? (Smacks window with his open palm.) This window isn't new, it's from the 18th century. The MTA wants you to fall through this old glass onto the tracks and die - just like Donald Trump wants you to die! Why? because you have sinned against GOD! Yeah, you all look at your phones and say, 'Not me!' You want to ignore me? You want to look at Google and Facebook? That's fine! Wait until the MTA and Donald Trump push you onto the tracks because you are SINNERS IN THE EYES OF THE LORD and belong to SATAN! And you will whine and beg, (baby voice) "Oh but Jesus, I didn't know! I wanted to look at what my friends had for dinner! I wanted to peek at my ex girlfriend's selfie in a bikini!" And Donald Trump will laugh with the MTA because YOU KNEW! You heard the prophets of God, AND YOU LOOKED AT YOUR PHONES AND DIDN'T LISTEN!!!"



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