Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Executive Rant Privilege

Hello out there in TV land. I know it's been a while since I ranted about the world around us, I've been focused on getting the next book out. Ok, I've been playing Wolfenstein, The New Order as well, but that doesn't involve much brain power.

Look, an amnesty for five million illegal immigrants is just a stupid idea. The problem is, while unemployment is down, it's because people have to work more for less. Many in my own union already have to work at 80% of scale. Look at all the retail workers who must work on Thanksgiving or be fired. Everyone is already paying more for less medical benefits because of Obamacare. A surge of millions who can legally compete for those jobs will only make things worse. And after this amnesty, there will be another glut of illegal immigrants waiting for the next one (as there was after the Regan amnesty. That is the real concern, not the people who are here now.) Those workers will be as exploited as the current illegal immigrants are. Exploitation will not magically go away.

"But Regan and the Bushes-" -I don't care. Just because they did something idiotic, that's not a reason for President Obama to do it as well. Since last month's election was a setback for the Democrat party, this is just pandering for votes for 2016 - just as it was then.

"You're just racist." -Fuck you, I'm being realistic. Read over my reasons again, and pretend it's a republican president's executive order instead of Your Guy.  My views on this are strictly "Hate the game, don't hate the player." I can't blame anyone for wanting a better life here, but our cities are overcrowded, and our economy is barely holding together.

"But we're all descendants of immigrants." -Yes, legal immigrants, who were let in when the system could handle more citizens. It can't right now. End of story.

"But the evil 1%..." -Will NOT feel the brunt of this at all. Read over my reasons again. Like Obamacare, this is being spun as only being a burden to the super-rich, while it's the Middle Class (which everyone claims to care so much about) which will have to shoulder it all.

"But they've paid taxes!" -Think of it as visiting a hotel. You agree to stay for a while. After that, if you refuse to leave, you're there illegally-even if you continue to pay for you hotel room.

Love and peace out.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dance, Polygons, Dance!

And the modeling for my next book cover continues...


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bending Polygons to My Will

I've begun digital sculpting for the cover of my next book. Any guesses on what this might turn out to be?


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Coming soon to an online store near you...

So, as you all know, I've been working on this novel of mine for years now. It was finished years ago, I've just been scouring and scouring it to bring it up to a publishable standard.

The problem is, I have over 81k words so far, which, at the industry standard of 250 words per, comes to about 325 pages. I'm at a huge cliffhanger point at the end of the second act. But I've seriously beefed up the second act from the original finished draft, and added a lot of issues which need to be addressed in act three. Without even adding these resolutions, act three (which has yet to be scoured) is another 110 pages. I'm happy to be working full time, but at the rate I'm going, this means at another year before I'm finished, if I just leave things as they are--which I don't want to do. It will probably be two years if I do it in a way I'd be proud of, maybe more.

Another issue is I'm not the same person I was when I wrote the original "finished" draft. Things have happened that have changed my views on certain things forever, and I don't feel the third act is honest anymore.

And I'm getting impatient.

So I've decided to make it into a trilogy, or at least a two-parter. A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones) has done well ending each book with a cliffhanger, and no one seems to mind. Hell, they're beating George R. R. Martin's door down to read the next one. Also, I can feel like I'm not just a one-trick pony, and have something else out there, in case I'm run over by a bus tomorrow, and no one ever gets to read the damn thing at all. I wouldn't want anyone to feel gypped by ending on a cliffhanger, but the trend these days seems to show people enjoy anthologies.

So friends and neighbors, I'm aiming for a Christmas release, if not sooner. I still have to come up with a good trilogy name, a good book title, and a cover...



Saturday, November 08, 2014

"It's a box of f***ing nothing!"

"Many years ago today, something grew inside your mother... that thing was YOU!"

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Just Say November

Here I am, another morning laying on the floor trying to make my sciatica manageable before work. My life needs some "quality of" back in it.
Another midterm election has passed, another year of everyone professing their ideologies, how whatever the guy on their side does is good / excusable, and whatever the guy on the other side does is uncaring and unforgivable. Of course, I'm perfect and above all that...
Ugh, I just want to sleep, perchance to dream...
Today marks one year at the Jamaica shit plant! It's been eight years since I worked in one shop longer than six months. I feel loved. Sniff.


Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Father Daughter Quality Time

Laying on the floor, watching South Park with Mandy before work. It's the Succubus episode, (I need about tree-fiddy!) I put something called Biofreeze on my lower back, which makes my upper butt cheeks feel all cool and minty.
So, the Master is a woman now. Seriously. This is why I've hated Doctor Who having showrunners ever since the Jon Nathan Turner era. If you want to start your own show, go ahead, and do whatever you want to the characters. But don't take a show that's been around for fifty years and remake it in your own image. (Why couldn't it have been Adric?) All right, my hipster rant is concluded, I'll just go watch my Roger Delgado DVDs... alone... sniff.
I'm old now, I'll be forty-two on Saturday. My parents are coming to visit so I don't have to drive (sitting for a long time makes things worse.) Only six weeks until I finally take vacation. I'm going to do something I've planned for years...
"Say... you don't have three dollars and fifty cents, do you?"


Saturday, November 01, 2014


I hate you, Stephen Moffat. I hate you with the white-hot fire of a thousand suns.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

And the science gets done, and you make a neat gun...

The apprentice is getting married, and everyone is giving him their advice. I just looked him in the eyes and solemnly said, "There's no sense crying over every mistake, you just keep on trying 'till you run out of cake." When all else fails, be confusing.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Almost there...

Just a reminder, don't forget to tune in to hear me on The Speculative Fiction Cantina, tonight at 6PM Eastern! (Reading from "Ad Aware," answering all the important questions, what more could you ask?)


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Worth 1001 Words

By the way, for those of you who use Instagram and want to see images from my amazing life, my tag is EgotisticalTL, same as Twitter.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And the Readers' Choice is...

The blog/ facebook/ email votes have been tallied, and it seems the story the most people want to hear me read is "Ad Aware." ("False Idols" and "Heaven 2.0" tied for second, with a few votes for "Soul Mates.") Remember to turn in your computers to The Speculative Fiction Cantina, this Friday at 6 PM Eastern!

In other news, my back is FUBAR once more, after spending a week climbing around on top of pipes, and then sitting on the couch, playing Rabbids on the Wii with Mandy for too long. One disaster at a time...

Thanks again to all who participated.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Interview and a Reading

I'm going to be a guest on The Speculative Fiction Cantina, on Writestream, at  BlogTalkRadio, next Friday, October 24, at 6pm Eastern. Just tune in then at the link below:

As part of the show, I'll be reading an excerpt from one of my short stories. So the question is, which one? I'm leaning towards "Ad Aware" because it's the shortest-they only want a 5-8 minute passage. So please, tell me, which would you like to hear? I'll tally up the votes on Monday morning, so I can start practicing.

See you next Friday!
(Well, I won't actually be able to see you, unless you decide to send me a selfie or something-but you know what I mean.)


Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Joy of Rain

Another beautiful morning. I think it's supposed to rain. At least it's a Saturday. I have spent the last few days climbing on top of pipes in a filthy basement, drilling into a ceiling, raining concrete dust on me, my S&M safety harness chafing my thighs... At least I'm not stuck at a desk.

I've decided to restore two naughty scenes to my book, that I had previously reduced to a literary camera panning to the fireplace or window. I'll just have to give my mother a special edition, with those pages ripped out. Or maybe changed entirely? They could go to church instead, possibly confession. Or maybe say a Novena?

As a parent myself, I'm continuing the American tradition of being a prude when it comes to naughtiness and my children, but being fine with graphic violence. I've let my almost seventeen-year-old son watch a few Game of Thrones episodes with me. Guy getting a sword through the back of his head with blood spurting out of his mouth? That's fine. Daenerys Targaryen walking around naked with her dragons? Sorry kid, you gotta leave the room.

I finished binge-watching the HBO series, I have to read the books now. Tyrion is my favorite character. He embraces his dwarfism with pride, instead of being ashamed of it. He's brilliant, brutally honest, and constantly tries to act in as noble a manner as possible, although his (antagonist) family will never overlook his handicap. Besides, the actor and I were apparently both born in the same hospital, although a few years apart.

Anyway, heading out to NJ with the kiddies today. Looking forward to meeting up with my old friend Troy tonight for a few fermented beverages. Time with good people gives me happiness.


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Well we all should be, dammit.

I've met a few other writers who are always jealous and undercutting. Thank you Suzanne Casamento for being a supportive friend instead, and pointing out a sci-fi promotional opportunity. (Details to follow when I have them.) You rock.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday, Bloodless Sunday

Sunday has once again come upon me. The day itself isn't bad, it's knowing I have to go back to work tomorrow. Work itself isn't even bad, I just seriously need a vacation. Why don't I take one? Well, I'd have to take money out of my 401k for my vacation pay, and that kind of sucks, especially since the IRS will have it's way with me over it. Maybe next year, if I don't have furlough.

It's nice relaxing all weekend, being lazy and not going anywhere. I started watching Game of Thrones. It's an amazing show, and I absolutely love the animation during the opening credits. I love when CGI is almost completely unrecognizable as CGI - The art is in hiding the art. But I can't hear the theme song without imagining South Park's parody lyrics over it. ("Wiener, floppy weiner, one wiener, next to another wiener...")

I finished rewriting chapter ten, which means that all that's left is a daily scouring. Writing isn't really hard, it's the worry of judgement. Judgement over your plot, judgement over your characters, judgement over your grammar... especially since I've self-published. Not to whine, but self-published books are held up to ten times the scrutiny of traditional ones.

I'm seriously toying with the idea of attempting to go the traditional route with the finished product. I'm a great proponent of self-publishing, and I know there is a lot of quality self-published work out there. But the truth is, no matter how many four and five star reviews I've recieved, I know no one will take my writing seriously unless I get an agent to represent me, and a publisher to invenst money in me. This means even more scrutinizing, and that it would probably take at least an additional year once the damn thing is finished to see the light of day-if I am successful. I'll have to see. Hell, at 300 pages, I'm only 2/3 done.

I've lost fifteen pounds in the past month. The weird thing is that even though I can fit my whole arm down the side of my jeans and they're practically falling off of me, I haven't gone down a size yet. Maybe my current ones were of a larger cut, and the newer ones are smaller? It doesn't really matter, I can just wear a belt.

It's been a fun weekend, playing Rabbids on the Wii with Mandy, writing, frying bacon, watching 90's films with Joe, kvetching at Doctor Who for becoming a soap opera about Clara, getting in arguments with and blocked by a facebook friend who turned out to be an ideological zealot... all in all, an interesting time. My life is draining, it's nice just to take it easy now and then.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thank you, out there...

It's a wonderful shot in the arm when people I've never heard of, thousands of miles away, like False Idol's facebook page. Hope you enjoy it! :D


Friday, September 26, 2014

Send these two idiots over there.

As one of the most non-PC men on the planet... I officially declare that these guys are fucking assholes: Fox News presenters mock female pilot who took part in campaign against ISIS.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Drove My Chevy to the Level Bubble

FINALLY got my Equinox, completely paid for with overtime and book sales. Still holding onto the Jetta until it self-destructs like the Bluesmobile. I need something to drive to the shitplant.


Monday, September 15, 2014

If You Have to Ask...

Dear fellow Objectivists:

Please stop trying to make Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, and other ISPs out to be Dagny Taggart on the net neutrality issue. Their Super PAC donations, heavy lobbying, and tax incentives have clearly put them in with Orren Boyle. That is all.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I spent my day and evening with the Morlocks beneath the streets of New York City. A lucrative overtime shot. Half of it will go to my September dues, and the other half will go to getting my windshield replaced. I suppose I should feel thankful that I'm able to tread water.

I've finally begun shopping for a new (used) car. You would think that it would be simple: Do my shopping online, check out the CARFAX, go in, give it a test drive, haggle a little on the price, pay it, and leave.

No such luck. The first car I checked out, the dealer immediately told me there was an additional $2000 on top of the advertised price, because I wasn't financing. I turned around and walked out. The salesman said, "No, no, wait! We can work something out!" Working something out meant adding on another $2000 in "fees." I laughed in his face, and said I wasn't paying anything more than the advertised price, plus tax, tag, and title. He said he would go to his manager, but I had to decide RIGHT THEN if it was the price I wanted. I just laughed, and asked him who he thought he was kidding. What, did he think we were in a game show? He didn't like that. He then said that before he went to his manager, he needed a $100 "good faith" deposit. Again, I laughed hysterically at him, which was worth seeing him get all red in the face. Seriously, he expected me to put down $100 so he could talk with his boss. I'm sure they would resist refunding it until I demanded legal action, or bought some car from them at some ridiculous price. At that point, I left. At least the experience was entertaining.

The next car I checked out (at a dealership on the other side of Queens) the salesmen were much nicer, and didn't try to hard sell me or add on a bunch of fees. Unfortunately, the car they advertised for a great price-with a CARFAX report that said the airbags had never been deployed, and it had never been in an accident-Had had both airbags removed. Not only had they been removed, but the dealership hadn't even attempted to replace or fix the car. The steering wheel was badly duct-taped together, and the passenger-side bag holder was badly taped up as well. Technically... not deployed. Again, I left. At least they were respectful and didn't try anything ridiculous. I think they were baffled that I wasn't desperate.

Anyway, still wired from all the... not Red Bull... what was it I drank... Monster Zero drinks. Watching old TV shows on Netflix. Maybe I'll play a bit of Borderlands on Steam and go to sleep.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It Never Ends

Squeezing onto an overcrowded bus, after waiting 35 minutes...

Monday, September 01, 2014

Good Grief, It's Chapter Number Nine

I've finally scoured Chapter Nine of the still yet untitled novel to perfection. 70,682 words so far. Every time I do a word count, I think of the old Monty Python line: "I don't want you to get the impression it's just a question of the number of words... um... I mean, getting them in the right order is just as important." 

I always blame work for cramping my output, but I've gone through a lot of personal crap in the past few months as well, especially losing an old friend. This chapter also required a lot of rewrites because as it's the penultimate chapter of the second act (to use a theatrical term) a few characters are about to do some things that are contrary to their established nature. I needed to make sure the seeds were well laid to make the changes believable. 

Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish, how did books ever get written before word processing? 


Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Just Gotta Be Me

If I always pretend I'm something I'm not, does that make pretending my true nature? Would forcing myself to not to do so then be fake? Discuss.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Dream Weaver

Why is it that in my "normal" dreams, there are usually only one or two other people, but my lucid dreams are ridiculously crowded? Also, when I ask any of these people who they are, and why they're in my brain, they turn their backs, and refuse to speak to me. It's quite vexing.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

And yea, was it written that I should have ice water dumped water over my head for charity...