Saturday, October 31, 2020

Where in the bouncing bejezus did everything go?

I've had this blog for over fifteen years. I stared it in a time when blogging was cool and fun. Everyone got into it - at least likeminded everyones. Friends wrote out long and detailed responses to each other's posts. Artwork was posted and commented on. A small community was formed. 

There were opinions. So many opinions. So many things I was sure of. So many bowls of mei-fun with sweet and sour pork topped with shredded parmesan cheese devoured. 

But two things have happened.

One: I'm pushing fifty, and my perspective on the world has vastly changed since I was in my early thirties. My philosophy has changed, and changes daily. Whether or not it's made me any wiser has yet to be seen.

Two: Facebook. Why take the time to write down your feelings on the world, on life around you, or on what's going on in your life - when you can just post someone else's comic? Or maybe a picture of your darling kids? Or a nice matzoh ball soup from Katz deli?

Facebook was the death of blogging. I'm not going to debate its merits or criticisms, but it's definitely a source of instantaneous gratification. And visceral. It's easy to lash out, to seek out emotional validation, to be a lightning rod for all kinds of ideological fights that destroy friendships. And I while I'm not going to pretend that I'm above the Evil Hell-Circle of Zuckerberg, I think that it definitely contributed to taking the fun out of online social interaction.

Third (yes, I added one): I've barely touched this blog in years. And why should I? There were so many things from the past here, why did it need anything new? 

Why not just be complacent? Let the past stand for itself? That's the subconscious feeling I got by looking at all my past posts. 

So I decided to start fresh. You can still see my favorite artwork from the past at my homepage, Egotistical Productions. There will be more artwork to come, and new and exciting thoughts and ideas.

Well, new and exciting to me, anyway.

Thank you for being here, my friends.