Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Just All Around Pissed Off

(PLEASE NOTE: This is directed at the President, party leaders, politicians, and lawmakers. My intent is not to bait rank and file Democrats or Republicans. I support everyone's right to vote for whomever they choose, and I am vehemently against shaming.)

Dear Republican Party and President Trump:

Four years ago, I watched in amazement as - after hypocritically accusing conservatives of planning to protest a projected loss - Democrats took to the street to protest Hillary's losing the 2016 election. "What the hell are they protesting?" I wondered, "democracy?" In the following weeks, I was shocked as the Electoral College was encouraged to overturn the will of the people, ironically in the name of "stopping fascism." I fully admit that for decades, I've been openly critical of the Democrat party and their tactics of offering empty promises with one hand while shamelessly taking with the other, and attacking anyone who pointed out their hypocrisy with fundamentalist furor.

But these past few months, Mister President, you and your fellow Republican Lawmakers have left them in the dust. You have undoubtedly proven yourselves the greater of two evils (as if being the lesser evil is anything to be proud of). You have proven yourselves to be against the constitution, against democracy, and against the people of this country. Where the Democrat party has left me feeling disgust, you have left me feeling horror. I hope that every Republican lawmaker felt shame (obviously, from your speech such a feeling is beyond you, Mister President) as the domestic terrorists that you yourselves joyfully sowed swarmed our capitol in a pathetic and disgusting attempt to overthrow the will of the people.

Make no mistake, President Trump. You have encouraged this moment. You goaded it on. You reveled in it for the sake of your own sociopathic ego.

And you, Republican Lawmakers and party leaders, you encouraged it with every ridiculous lawsuit, with every legal motion to overthrow the will of the people, or simply to sow doubt and mistrust in every corner. Look at the insane precedents you tried to set. You tried to give the office of the Vice President the power to overthrow an election. You tried to give one state the ability to sue another in order to change their laws. Don't you incredible morons realize that such tactics will only escalate and backfire against you - and the people of this country - in the future? Because all of this ideological warfare has been escalating for decades, with all of us in the middle suffering for it. But no matter what the Democrat Party has contributed to the state of affairs, you worthless piles of excrement have exponentially made it worse.

Please don't think that I'm "flipping." I can only see the richer getting richer and the middle class getting poorer under Biden, while the media will praise him and lick his tuchus every day just for the fact of not being Trump. Not that you jackasses in the Republican Party would have done any better. The only difference is that while my face is being pissed on, CNN will tell me that because a Democrat is in the White House, it's raining honey.

We are now in a state where discourse is impossible, where hate and anger resound, where fierce ideological division will keep us from making our country, our lives, and our world better. So many are jobless and homeless with no relief in sight due to your insane mismanagement and politicizing of this pandemic. And things are going to get much, much worse for the American people before they will get better.

So what is it going to be?