Thursday, August 30, 2012

Insurance Reform School Vixens

One side talks about the evils of Romneycare, while the other side warns me of the perils of Obamacare.  Now, I look at everyone's plans, and it seems to me that both are just different ways of funneling our tax dollars to pay the skyrocketing costs of the medical / pharmaceutical industries without actually doing anything about those skyrocketing costs.  Then I keep hearing about how if I don't want my tax dollars spent on medical insurance for the less fortunate, I'm selfish and mean.  And while I don't have a problem helping out the less fortunate, I keep wondering why it's not the insurance or medical industries (who are showing record profits) that are the selfish and mean ones.  Am I missing something? 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monster Exercises.

Here's a pleasant fellow I drew in Photoshop.  Part elephant, part horse, part dog, part muscle-man.  I'm not happy with some of this, but it's a good exercise.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Illustration Friday: Teacher.

Most teachers are kind, loving and inspirational, or at the very least, harmless.  Then there's that one battleax that scars your soul for life.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Illustration Friday: Freeze

Please click the image for higher resolution.

The Illustration Friday word this week is Freeze. For those who are interested in such things, here was my process:

First, I created a figure in Poser, exported him to 3ds Max, flattened him a bit, and put him at the edge of a cylinder I had made with surface noise:

Next, I exported this figure into ZBrush, and used various smoothing tools to make my frozen man and his tree more organically entwined: 

I took pictures of various tree barks in the neighborhood, layered them on top of each other, erased parts, flattened the image, equalized the levels, and liquified the seams until eventually I had a composite tree bark I liked (scaled down here to about 1/4th its size):

I exported my merged tree back into 3ds Max and applied the bark with a cylindrical wrap.  Next, I used the AEC extended foliage to make branches.  Once I was happy with the result, I added AEC trees in the background, along with some glowing mist.  I rendered the background and foreground separately so I could composite them in Photoshop.  This allowed me to easily blur the background to achieve a depth of field effect, and adjust the levels and tone until I had the wintery effect I wanted.