Thursday, September 07, 2017

And Even More Shallow Thoughts

There are things in life I simply can't comprehend. Like people who deliberately make their lives as difficult as possible. I say I can't comprehend it, but I've been guilty of it. In many ways I still am.

Then I wonder, if there is a god, FSM, or Head of Lettuce Named Ralph, then is that the way He actually wants things to be? Is God nothing more than that bright blob of 1960s FX energy from Star Trek that fed off of negative emotions?

That's the problem with religion. Once you start looking at the state of the world and asking logical questions about motivations, you come up empty handed. Actually, that's not entirely true. Robert Anton Wilson once said that if you can't understand someone's behavior, just remember that they're a primate at heart.

It makes me think of The Godfather (novel) when the Godfather explains to Michael about Luca Brasi - that as you go through life, you meet men who are crying out for others to kill them. The trick is to make yourself the one person they're afraid of doing it. Handy information, if you ever want a psychopath hatchet man.

Or you could go for the Kurt Vonnegut perspective - that most people are motivated by loneliness. I always liked his view that his job as an author was to help people see that they were not alone.

Or how about the book God Wants You Dead, which sheds light on the fact that humans love love love subscribing to ideologies - be they religions, political parties, sports teams, NuWho vs. Classic Dr Who.... The internet has fed so much confirmation bias and provided so many strawmen that these days, it's impossible to tell the difference between politics and fundamentalist religions.

I forget who said it (possibly Wilson again) but you can't talk someone logically out of a decision that they've made emotionally.

Sigh... time to get ready for work.