Tuesday, February 27, 2018


In the old days, I would have just ran to this blog, and stated my feelings about things like school shootings and Star Wars films (not that they're related) but lately, with everything so polarized and so much vitriol between anyone who dares to disagree with anyone else, I fell like the fun has been taken out of it. Because saying "I'm above it all" is just another kind of virtue signalling.

I mean, I feel a deep and terrible sadness for the victims, for their families, and for the surviving kids. I feel sad and angry when I see people on one side claiming that it's a hoax, and that these kids who suffered so much and had their lives changed forever are just actors. I feel sad and angry when I see people on the other side spewing accusations against anyone who believes in their second amendment rights, or who dared to vote for a president they don't like. I feel sad and angry whenever I see the phrase "Toxic Masculinity" rear its head (yay, let's teach our boys that their gender is inherently evil. Can't cause any psychological harm doing that...) The list goes on and on.

So does it matter if I say "I believe in the right to own a weapon and protecting all of the constitution, but the assault weapon ban needs to be reinstated?" Does it matter if I say "Generalized accusations on either side just makes everything worse?" (I know, I know, it's Russian Trolls, all the way down.) Does it matter if I think the NRA needs to get their heads out of their asses, but goddamn - the deputy who was supposed to be protecting the kids ran and hid, the FBI was warned about this monster and did nothing, the cops were warned about him and did nothing... It's not a whataboutism to point out that the government failed at every possible level.

Does it matter if I feel that people on both sides of the issue are, for the most part, decent human beings?

Probably not.

Be decent to each other. You don't have to be excellent, just decent.


PS. The Last Jedi sucked.

Monday, February 05, 2018

At least it wasn't Tom Brady.

Last night I dreamt I was walking down my parents' street in the middle of a moonlit night. I saw a singing, ghostly apparition with the most beautiful voice I'd ever heard. It was Judy Collins.

She then sang me questions about my books, and demanded that I answer in song.

Please feel free to interpret.