Sunday, January 05, 2020

Memory, All Alone in the Moonlight...

Someday my daughter will ask, "How much do you love me?"

And I will respond, "Enough to take you to see Cats."

My first thought is that this is my father's revenge for me asking him to take me to see Howard the Duck at Bernards Cinema all those decades ago...

I'll say this: I was impressed by the effort all the actors, actresses and dancers put into it, it was obviously a labor of love. At the very least, they should get an A+ for effort.

The CGI wasn't quite as horrible as I had read, but I also heard that they fixed a lot of things and had sent a new version to theaters. A lot of the compositing however, was painfully obvious.

I told Mandy that back in the 80s, "Memory" was her Aunt Elena's go-to song for Senior Solo Recitals. Here's some constructive criticism: I understand they were going for realism, and yes, some people's noses do run when they cry, but close-ups of snot running into a crying cat-woman's mouth while she's singing is really off-putting.

But overall... my cat-loving daughter was happy. She'll have fun memories, and that's what's important.